Akateng Safety Drive and Clean-Up Exercise

Luck runs out but safety is good for life.

Akateng is a community in the Upper Manya Kroba District of the Eastern Region of Ghana with 8500 inhabitants whose main source of livelihood is peasant farming. It shares its South-East boundary with the biggest man-made lake in West Africa Spanning over 400km. Due to seasonal variations in water river water elevation, daily commuters traversing the river risked fatal accidents.

As people of action and in line with Sustainable Development Goal 3 and 11, Good Health and Well-being and Sustainable

  • Train Sections of the community on safety principles and the Value of life
  • Organize fundraisers to procure life-jackets for the River Transport Association at Akateng
  • Clean-up and fumigation exercise of community in our bit to reduce the prevalence of malaria in the community.

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